The mission of this organization is to identify socioeconomic circumstances which hinder young men from achieving success in the areas of higher education, employment and career advancement. We are committed to designing programs which inspire and empower young men to develop the self-sufficiency required to design and manage proficient futures.



Our members aim to have a positive lifelong impact on Detroit inner-city youth.  We share a vivid mental image of young men in:
•    Leadership
•    Community Service
•    Mentorship and
•    Gainful Employment

We plan to achieve through successfully: 
•    Raising Awareness of Inequality
•    Allocating resources to address:
                     Poor living conditions

                     Transportation issues and
                     Deficit of proper nutrition and clothing
•    Raising funds to create and support:
                    Educational programs and 
                    Provide scholarships which support educational ambition



Education is critical to the advancement of youth. We empower youth by teaching them to problem solve and think strategically at critical junctures which will help them realize their ability to overcome obstacles and rise above circumstances. 


Community Service 

We aspire to create community service programs which provide our mentees with the opportunity to engage in meaningful practices; foster a sense of responsibility for home, community and state; learn team building; and better their immediate surroundings.



Our programs will be designed to instill a sense of responsibility, application, goal setting and follow-through.  We expect our mentees to seek and complete technical or higher education, secure employment, living space and transportation.