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Dr. BreeAnne Roberts

Dr. BreeAnne Roberts is a Clinical Pharmacist Consultant with CHC Health, Motivational speaker and Entrepreneur. She is a graduate from the illustrious Hampton University where she earned a Doctorate of Pharmacy (PharmD.) degree. 

After graduation, Dr. Roberts served as a Community Pharmacist with Walgreens then Kroger at stores all over the South Eastern Michigan area for nearly 3 years. She also devoted and invested much of her time cultivating the youth in Detroit in addition to its surrounding areas through numerous community events and organizations such as Detroit Parent Network, The National Hampton Alumni Assoc. Inc., Angel’s Place, etc.  

Dr. Roberts is passionate about giving back and serving youth from low socioeconomic backgrounds. She is on a mission to instill in today’s youth that overcoming life’s obstacles, along with pursuing higher education and having great work ethic can lead to unlocking the door to success. Dr. Roberts will use her seat as board member of BUILDING Futures to further that mission.