As mentioned in our Vision statement, we aim to have a positive lifelong impact on Detroit inner-city youth.  The programs below were designed with this in mind. They inspire and empower young men to develop the self-sufficiency required to design and manage proficient futures.

Young Men of Vision

Young Men of Vision is a male mentoring program for middle school aged students focused on their development in five areas: self-awareness, social intelligence, higher education, career and health and wellness. While focusing on these five areas the program is designed to teach critical residual skills students will ascertain and utilize for a life time.

These skills will be taught through seminars, workshops, competitions, tutoring, community service, field trips and tours. Students will be able to engage with multiple facilitators/speakers who has expertise in the area they will be assisting in. Students will also have access to a personal trainer to assist them with health and wellness during the program.

Young Men of Vision will be 24 weeks long. Students that are eligible for this program are those who are currently enrolled in a participating middle school, in grades 6-8. Enrollment in the program is referral- based via the school’s administration. The program will accept 20 male students.  Students will meet for 2 hours immediately afterschool, 1-2 per week.

Mission Nutrition 

It is our vision to allocate resources to combat the deficit of proper nutrition which impacts the quality of education that our youth receive. Through Mission Nutrition we will be giving away food to the families in the community to increase access to healthy foods and fight hunger.